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Activities with your baby for Christmas

Baby and dad with christmas decorations and christmas tree

Christmas is a special time. Especially the first year together with your little one. Which Christmas activity will toddlers and babies adore? We have listed them for you. This will make an unforgettable December party!

Sing Christmas carols

Sing joyful carols to your baby. Choose songs with simple melodies and rhythms. Use gestures or movements. This way you create interaction with your baby, even if he/she is too young to sing along.

Take Christmas photos

Dress your child in a cute seasonal outfit and take photos for a Christmas card or just for memories. Pull out the Christmas decorations to make the photos extra festive.

Read Christmas books

Choose books about this time of the year and read them to your baby. Choose books with large, colourful pictures and simple stories. Match your choice with the attention span of your baby’s age.

Admire Christmas lights

Introduce your little one to the beautiful lights. This can be indoors near the Christmas tree or outside by taking a walk in your neighbourhood with decorated houses. A hot chocolate when you get home and the cosy December feeling is complete!

Make hand and footprint ornaments

Make adorable memories using your baby’s hand and footprints to make Christmas ornaments. You can do this by using paint on paper or by hardening clay. You can use these works of art as decoration in the Christmas tree.

Unwrap Christmas presents

Babies don’t understand what presents are yet, but they enjoy unpacking them. They like to feel the wrapping paper and they like to discover what’s inside. Choose safe, baby-friendly gifts such as soft cuddly toys or sensory toys. Toddlers enjoy tearing the wrapping paper off the gift.

We designed these Christmas activities to create a festive atmosphere. Adjust activities to your baby’s needs and comfort. Take their age and stage development into account. Make sure you have a good feeling about it and enjoy this special time!