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Gentle by nature

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Read the experiences with Kabrita goat milk baby food such as Infant milk, Follow-on milk, Toddler milk.
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Ребенок хорошо ест, прекрасно растворяется

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 400g (4 pack)

Everything was wonderful

We are very happy that we can buy directly from you and ship i Lithuania. We shopped “Kabrita” in shops in Lithuania and it was different taste. We are very happy to buy from you!

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 400g (4 pack)

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 400g (4 pack)

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 800 gram

package needs to be improved

Hi, the package needs more stronger box or padded package. I ordered a few times, I received the formula cans are disformed badly. thanks.

Hi Sarah, thanks for your feedback! We'll try to contact you with a solution.


order arrived in time , everything perfect!

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 800 gram

Delivery Issues

My order over a month to be delivered

Horrible and we still didn’t get the order

I placed my order almost 15 days ago, at first shipment didn’t arrive at all, only when I send you a message with a problem, you send me a second shipment. But I still didn’t receive it. When I check tracking number it says: We missed you; we’ll try again
Delivery moment still unknown

But no one came at first time and it’s still unknown when it will be delivered.
This situation caused us to change from kabrita to different brand.

Amazing product, fantastic customer service

This is hands down the best formula out of 7 we have tried. No tummy issues, no feeding issues - truly brilliant!

In regards to customer service - they're absolutely fantastic. I've had an issue with the courier twice and Kabrita CS has taken it upon themselves to sort everything out in an incredibly quick fashion.

5/5, would highly recommend!

The best


Waiting to long... no estimated delivery date indicated. The product is ok.

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram?

Very good product. I recommend it to everyone. thank you

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800g
Robertas Bartasevicius

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 800 gram

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800g
Evelina Kvedaraviciute

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Great goat milk powder!

I had problems with breastfeeding, so my baby eat Kabrita powder since first days. It was a great choice, since baby never had any problems with stomach nor food allergies. Now, he is 1.5 years old, and still loves to have a cup of Kabrita milk.


Велике Дякую. Користувалися цією сумішшю зі старшою дитиною, тож для молодшого навіть не було сумніву що це також буде тільки Kabrita

Excellent as always

Excellent as always, perfect for our daughter. It dissolves in water quickly and without lumps. It is a pity that you do not sell the mixture in Cyprus, you have to order and wait

Delivery not gut

Delivery not gut With DPD