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Kabrita Europe

Mom stories

We regularly hear positive experiences and reactions from mums who give their little ones Kabrita. And although we'd just love to tell you why Kabrita is the best choice for your child, we'd rather you heard it from mums with hands-on experience! So, watch these videos and listen to what other mums have to say about Kabrita. Their stories couldn't be more convincing!

"It really relaxes and calms them down"

The Kabrita story of Miranda, daughter Lily Rose and son Florian. Miranda started using Kabrita with her daughter Lily Rose.

She had noticed that Lily Rose was having trouble with cow milk. On her search for an alternative, she eventually discovered goat milk. Within a week, she realised that her daughter was much more relaxed and happier. So now she gives Kabrita to her young son Florian too.

“It was a miracle!"

The Kabrita story of Marli and her son Aaron. Marli started using Kabrita when Aaron was seven months old.

Before that she used a different bottle formula. An osteopath advised her to use Kabrita, as it might help relax her little son's body. Marli had heard of powdered goat milk, but never thought before that it might be suitable for Aaron. She started using Kabrita and to her surprise he slept the whole night through straight away!

"Vajèn has grown really well on it"

The Kabrita story of Helga and her daughter Vajèn. Helga started using Kabrita when Vajèn was six months old.

She used it in combination with breast feeding. The evening is still her favourite time of the day to feed. A calming way to wind down the day together and enjoy a lovely cuddle. Helga really enjoys using Kabrita and says that Vajèn has grown really well on it.

"We were at our wits’ end!"

The Kabrita story of Clarinda and her son Javey. Clarinda started using Kabrita when Javey was six months old.

He was struggling with cramp and digestive problems that caused him to over-stretch. His parents were at their wits’ end and had no idea what to do to help. The doctor didn't have a solution and switching to a different formula didn't help either. That brought them to Kabrita. According to Clarinda, the difference was noticeable right from the first bottle.