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Professional manicure at home with nail polish when pregnant

Woman with nail polish when pregnant

For nine months you have carried your baby in your body or maybe you are still in the middle of it. It's not nothing. Motherhood, both physically and mentally, turns your world upside down. It is important that not only your baby, but also you yourself are comfortable in your own skin. Physical changes may challenge your self-image, but remember, every mother feels this way sometimes! The important thing is to take time for yourself. Let your partner enjoy the little one while you enjoy something else. Even if it's just something small, like a home manicure. Take some time and polish your nails when pregnant to enjoy your own time as well! How to do it? We explain it to you in four simple steps!

1. Remove old nail polish

If you've ever been to a nail salon, you know that the first step is to remove the old nail polish on your nails. To do this, use a cotton ball, or for stubborn residue, a cotton swab that you have dipped nail polish remover to accomplish this step

2. Cutting and filing

It is time to cut your nails. Use your nail clippers for this and make sure to choose one that can be used by both left- and right-handed people. This way you can be more precise while cutting your nails. After cutting, file your nails. Try to file the sides of your nails as little as possible. This is where your nails are the strongest. Make sure that you always file in one direction and not too hard, to prevent your nails from splitting. If you struggle with chalky nails, you can consider to use a cardboard filing set for a gentler touch.

3. Soak and moisturise

Prior to applying nail polish, begin by softening your hands. Soak them in lukewarm water with soap, then moisturize thoroughly with a quality hand cream and make sure to include your nails. Allow the cream to absorb fully. Then, you're ready for the best part: massaging your fingers!

4. Lacquer

Certainly, no home manicure is complete without adding a touch of polish to your nails. Start by applying a coat of transparent nail polish. Then apply two coats of colour (solid shades are always a safe choice) and finish with a transparent protective coat.

It's a simple process, isn't it? That should get you back on track, but remember to prioritize self-care regularly. And take some time for yourself more often! And don't forget, using nail polish when pregnant is perfectly safe.