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Kabrita Europe

Kabrita Blogs

We have several blogs especially for you.

Blogs about pregnancy

In this phase of your life you need all kinds of information about your pregnancy. Think of topics such as the development of your child or what you can best eat during your pregnancy.

Blogs about babies

In these blogs we put all the attention on your baby. Handy baby care tips to fun recipes. And of course a number of blogs about known baby ailments.

Read our Baby blogs

Blogs about toddlers

In these blogs you will find articles about children children older than one year. We give some parenting tips, but also fun recipes that you can make with our Kabrita Toddler Milk.

Read our Toddler blogs

Blogs about goat's milk

We are of course the expert in goat's milk. And especially when we talk about goat's milk for your baby. In this blog we explain the differences between goat's milk and cow's milk, for example, but we also discuss how our product is produced. And how we can guarantee top quality.

Read our blogs about goat's milk