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Kabrita Europe

About goatmilk

It's a message that a large proportion of the world's population has already understood and embraced: goat milk is delicious! In many countries all over the world more goat milk is traditionally consumed than milk from cows. And although that doesn't detract from the fact that lots more cow milk is still produced than goat milk – here in the West we drink our way through countless litres - growing numbers of consumers are discovering goat milk.

The unique character of goat milk

Full-fat goat milk is relatively easy for the body to break down and digest. The fat consists of smaller fat globules and relatively high amounts of short- and medium-chain fatty acids. In addition, the relatively low amount of αs1-casein protein helps to form a softer curd in the stomach that passes through the digestive system more easily.

Goat milk contains high levels of important nutrients, including vitamins (A, B2), minerals (calcium, phosphorous) and proteins. The fatty acid composition of goat milk is also slightly different to that of cow milk. The amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid is no less than twice as high as in cow milk. As our body is unable to manufacture these fats itself, they are called essential fatty acids.

Our goats

If you pay a visit to one of our goat farms in the Netherlands, you will be greeted by the bleating of the white Saanen goat. More than 90% of the goats in our herds are Saanen goats. We didn't select this breed just because they are so beautiful (although their looks did help a little!), but because they produce very good and tasty milk.

We are so passionate about these goats, we even called our brand after them. Kabrita is derived from the Spanish word for little goat or kid, Cabrita. And just to emphasise how much we love our favourite animal, we used the goat as our logo.

Our goat farmers

If you are considering giving your child something new, you will want to know its origin. At Kabrita we take care of the entire production process ourselves. We manage all steps ourselves; from milk collection to filling and distribution of the cans. At the base of Kabrita there are about 60 goat farmers who supply their milk exclusively to Kabrita. All farmers keep white Saanen goats, which are known for their high-quality goat milk.

To guarantee this quality, all farmers strictly adhere to the KwaliGeit protocol. This special Dutch quality assurance system has drawn up guidelines not only for the care and welfare of our animals, but also for hygiene on goat farms. After we have collected the milk from our goat farmers, we transport it to our own factories in the provinces of Overijssel and Friesland. Here we combine our many years of experience in bottle feeding with the latest technology.