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5 Tips to Help Your Child Consume More Water

5 Tips to Help Your Child Consume More Water

Each child needs around 5 cups of fluids (750 ml) per day. The Nutrition Center suggests that 2 cups of this contain a dairy product like Kabrita Toddler Milk made from Dutch goat milk. However which thirst-quenchers are so appropriate and healthy besides milk? Most of the drinks are high in sugars. Consider thick sap, lemonade and fruit saps. It is noble not to give too much candy to your child. Allow him/her to grow accustomed to water consumption. If you begin this early, your toddler will not recognize any better in future. And consuming water has many benefits! Water contains a neutral flavour and zero calories. The perfect thirst quencher!

1. Carry a Flask of Water Everywhere You Go

Fill your toddler's favourite bottle or cup with water and at all times carry it with you. In case your kid is thirsty, always have a flask of water on hand and teach your young one to consume water daily.

2. Encourage

Children often only drink after they feel thirsty. Motivate your toddler to take sips of water frequently throughout the day and place a flask of water on a coffee table.

3. Tea

Make a soft tea and offer your child the tea in his or her bottle/cup. The pleasing warmth and slightly diverse taste are a good variation!

4. Serve Stylishly

Serve the water in a beautiful bottle or outstanding mug with, for instance, a brilliantly coloured straw. For fairly older kids, you can as well add ice cubes, which contains a freezing raspberry. The eyes also want something!

5. Fruit Water

Put your child's favourite fruit in the water. This gives the water a fruity flavour!