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Weight loss tips for moms

Weight loss tips for moms

1) Balance

Consider every Monday to be a balance day. In the weekend we often splurge on extras such as eating out doors or enjoying wine and appetizers. If you use Monday as a balance day, then you immediately lose the extra ounces that you gained during the weekend. Our tip: create a fruit day or enjoy fruit / vegetable smoothies. Not only does this work well for weight loss but they also help to cleanse your body from within. Try to avoid fruits like mangoes, grapes and bananas since these fruits contain lots of sugar.

2) Snacking

Unnoticed we get a lot of calories during the day from snacks. We have a cookie with coffee or tea, a half leftover sandwich from your child and a few bites out of the pan while we're cooking. These snacks add weight, so it is important to be aware and consciously go for three meals and one or two fruit / vegetable snacks a day.

3) Water

Water, water, water... You might think that fruit juices, light drinks and a few wines will no hurt, but a glass of fruit juice often contains more than 100 calories. Light drinks contain artificial sweeteners which aren’t good for your body. So instead go for the cheapest option: water. You can also drink green tea, which is considered a real fat burner. And by combining it with ice cold water you will burn additional calories even faster.

4) Exercise

You already know it: exercising help you to lose weight and become fitter. You can choose to exercise 3 times a week by following a good program at the gym, but you can also go for a run 3 times a week. This allows you to exercise whenever it suits you and only requires a good pair of running shoes. Tip: there are some convenient apps available that teach you how to run 5 kilometers in only 10 weeks time.

5) Boost Your Metabolism

How fast you lose weight also depends on your metabolism. A faster metabolism allows for more combustion. Eat proteins to boost your metabolism, such as yogurt, egg, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese and a small handjge unsalted nuts. Also exercising will help to increase your metabolism as well!