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Superfoods to keep you healthy during your pregnancy

Superfoods to keep you healthy during your pregnancy

Five or six small meals in a day

you should endeavour to eat five to six small meals every day as this will help you stabilise your body. Don’t make the mistake of eating for two just because you are pregnant. The baby is still forming and hardly needs a full meal to grow. Rather, you should eat for 1.1 people. In other words, try to increase your regular meal intake by about 10%.

In this guide, we will give you a list of superfoods which will provide you with excellent nutrition. They are beneficial for you and your baby.

Superfood 1: Avocado

Avocados are not just tasty foods- they are also highly nutritious. They have high amounts of omega-3 healthy fats, and this makes it ideal for the development of your baby’s brain. Many people prefer eating avocados as guacamole, so you can consider making them yourself. You can take it with chips for a better eating experience.

Superfood 2: Chicken on spelled bread

Lean meat has many advantages. The protein in skinless chicken or turkey will keep you feeling satisfied for a long time, meaning you will be highly unlikely to overeat. The meat will also help you maintain your muscle mass. This way, you will be able to handle all the tasks that come with pregnancy. Spelled bread is rich in carbohydrates and is digested over a long period. It is a lot healthier than white bread since it does not cause a spike in your sugar levels. This means your body will not need to make more insulin.

Superfood 3: Plums

Plums will keep your gastrointestinal systems running properly. They are rich in fibre. You can eat the plums in their natural state, or you can dry them first. Your goal should be to eat 25 grams of the fruit every day. Since they are rich in iron, they will also be essential for people who have anaemia.

Superfood 4: Spinach

As a pregnant lady, you should always eat foods that come directly from the ground. In other words, most of your foods should be unprocessed. You should always eat five servings of vegetables per day. Since spinach has the essential folic acids, iron, and vitamin b, you should include it in your diet. It will help to protect you against spina bifida or open back. This is a birth defect that develops from a developmental disorder of the spinal cord and spine.

Do you want to give birth to a healthy baby? Then add these foods to your diet today!