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Does Kabrita goat milk formula contain lactose?

Does Kabrita goat milk formula contain lactose?
Yes, Kabrita goat milk formula contains lactose. Lactose is an important source of carbohydrates that deliver the necessary energy for the healthy growth and development of your baby or toddler. Lactose can be found in almost all milk produced by mammals; including breast milk. A lactose intolerance causes symptoms due to poorly digested lactose. As breast milk also naturally contains lactose, it is very unlikely that your baby or toddler will be lactose intolerant.

To ensure that babies and toddlers are given enough carbohydrates, the minimum amount of lactose that a formula must contain has been established in the European legislation on infant formula.

In case of complaints always consult your doctor first - or the health professional at the child health clinic- to rule out a lactose intolerance, before switching to Kabrita goat milk formula.