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Rooming in and Rooming out

Rooming in and Rooming out

Advantages of Rooming in

With this option, you will simply bring a baby cot or crib into your bedroom. The baby will no longer sleep in your bed but in their cot. This option comes with a number of advantages. First, since the baby will be in your room, you will be able to monitor them. If they start crying, you will be able to respond fast. The risk of SIDS is also reduced significantly since you will be monitoring your baby. It is recommended that you let your child sleep in your room for at least 6 months.

Disadvantages of Rooming in

A key disadvantage of letting your child sleep in your room is that your nights will be more restless. Naturally, your baby will make some noises and may move a bit. Although this is harmless, it is likely to wake you up. Also, at some point, you might want to enjoy your own privacy without your baby.

Rooming Out

Rooming out may be a little more challenging than rooming in. This is because the child gets used to the sounds of their parents and the environment in their parents’ rooms. To make the transition seamless, you should maintain the sleeping routine you had when the baby was in your room. If you used to read them a bedtime story, maintain this pattern. You can also encourage your baby to sleep in their new room during the day as they learn to appreciate the room.

Babies also get nervous when they are left alone, especially if they are already used to sleeping with you. It is, therefore, important to leave the door ajar or create some normal noises in the room. You should also avoid taking them out of the cot when they start crying. Just comfort them in their bed as they relax to sleep. After a few nights, it will become easier, and your baby will fall asleep faster.

Tips for Rooming Out

Keep the door of your bedroom and that of your child open so that you can hear them cry easily
Buy a baby monitor so that you can keep an eye on your child from your own room. If you want to see them, you can buy a monitor that has a video camera.
Leave an item the cot with your scent to comfort your baby.
Avoid unnecessary stimuli in the baby cot. For example, you should go for calm colours.

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