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Fruit snacks

Fruit snacks

Which fruit?

In principle, any fruit is suitable. We recommend giving the fruit snacks in the morning. This way, your child gets plenty of energy from the fruit sugars, and if a reaction does occur after eating a particular fruit, it will not bother him all night. Peel the fruit the first, because the skin is harder to digest. Cooked fruits are also very digestible.

Tasty ripe fruits

Tasty fruits to start with are, for example, ripe bananas, strawberries, pears, apples and melon. Start with pure fruit in the beginning. For example, make a banana sauce. Use a ripe banana for this and puree it with a fork until you have a smooth substance. You can also add a little unsweetened apple juice to make the sauce a little thinner.


Avocados are also delicious to offer as a snack. Many children appreciate the creamy taste of avocado. Avocados are naturally very healthy! You can also process a little avocado through a fruit snack.


It is best to first cook apples. Cut the apple into pieces and cook them briefly in a pan with a bottom of the water. Then you can easily puree them.

Is your child older than six months?

If your child is six to eight months old, you can also introduce blueberries, other berries are allowed from 10 months. You cook these blueberries for 5 minutes, and then they go into the blender. You can combine them with an apple or banana sauce.

Apple, banana and pear are the fruits that we give our children the most — not surprising, of course, because these are widely for sale in the Netherlands and easy to process into fruit snacks. If you want your child to try something different, take a look at these fun recipes for fruit snacks!


If you start giving fruit snacks, it is better to give the fruit without pieces. You should, therefore, mash it well. The mashed fruits are easier and safer to eat because your child cannot chew yet. As your baby gets older, you can make the snack a little course. In jars with fruit snacks, you often see that there are more and more pieces in 6+, 8+ and 12+ variants. That too has the reason that your baby gets used to the real texture of fruit more and more.

Get used to

On average, your child is only used to the taste after having tasted something three times. So do not give up if your child is not overflowing with enthusiasm the first time! In addition to taste, your baby must also get used to the texture of the fruit. So, take your time, it will get better!


Are there allergies in your family? Then wait until your child is one year old to give red fruit such as strawberries and raspberries. These fruits can cause allergic reactions.

Rapley Method

Did you know that there are also a considerable number of parents who give their babies pure fruit and offer whole pieces? We have written an interesting blog about the Rapley method, read all about it.

Jar or make your fruit snacks?

Making a fruit snack does not have to be complicated. Certainly not if you freeze several portions for later use. Because fresh fruit has more nutritional value than fruit from a jar, it is best to give fresh fruit. Freshly frozen fruit is also preferable to a jar.

Baby food must comply with strict regulations, which means that jars of fruit are of good quality. Jars, for example, are super handy if you have to go fast or on the road!